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If you are not into shopping, antiquing and exploring museums, then Golden Globe Team can offer a hunting tour – and no, you do not have to be experienced to try it out! Could you imagine yourself taking part in an unusual, exciting and challenging hunt? There is so much more to hunting in Azerbaijan than just the sport. There is a richness of culture and a sense of tradition which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. By tailoring every detail of your Hunting Trips with our exclusive packages, our team will help you make unforgettable memories here in Azerbaijan. The organizers of the tours have the legal license to provide individuals temporarily with necessary equipment for the event. The whole experience will be supervised by professionals to create a safe and fun environment. For more information please call  +994 51 441 10 01 or contact us at [email protected]

Additional Info
  • Destination : Quba - Azerbaijan
  • Duration : 1 Days, 1 NIghts
  • Price : 2000.00 USD
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